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  The Mixed Bed water softener is a combination system that provides water softening, chlorine and chemical removal – ideal for city water as it will soften your water and remove chlorine that all municipalities add to the water supply. It also removes clear water iron. Simple program set up, then relax. No maintenance or filters to change – just add water softening salt! Mixed Bed systems are available for normal to larger families or light commercial use for those that require a higher demand for soft water.


  • Ideal for active families of 3 or more people or for light commercial use

  • Chlorine removal with acid-washed coconut shell activated carbon

  • Efficient water softening system – automatic on-demand regeneration

  • Iron removal capabilities

  • Resin tank

  • High flow water distribution system

  • Electronic control system for easy set-up

  • 12 Volt AC for safe operation

  • Fine Mesh resin

  • Regenerates (cleans itself) on demand

  • Uses less salt and water

  • Includes Bypass valve

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