The TMI Series is an excellent choice for softening applications requiring a duplex alternating tank system needed to ensure softwater is continuously available without interruption. This series is available with three different control valves up to 11 cubic foot of resin per tank in 24 inch diameter pressure vessels. Additional flexibility is provided with the available options.


• Single valve per system (two tanks) controls all softener functions
• Electro-mechanical timer controls all valve cycles including
service, backwash, brine draw, slow rinse, fast rinse and brine
tank refill
• Meter initiated regeneration
• 9000 and 9500 control valves constructed of lead free-brass*.
9100 control valve constructed of fiber reinforced polymer
• Main piston is also lead-free* brass with a Teflon coating
• Simple threaded (NPT) inlet, outlet and drain connections
• CSA certified valves (in Canada, except 9100 which uses a
24VAC Class 2, certified transformer)

   Jacket not shown - available in several colours.






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