5600 SXT


Softeners using the 5600SE valve are available in meter initiated
configurations. The SE electronics of the valve provide both the
owner and installer a simple to operate, user-friendly method of
making adjustments to the control.


Available in capacities with 0.5 to 2.5 cubic foot of resin.
• The 5600SE meter initiated valve regenerates only when
needed once a preset volume of water has passed through the
• The standard regeneration occurs at 2:00 AM, but this can be
easily adjusted to any other time of the day.
• The easy to read LED display alternates between the time of
day and remaining usable volume prior to regeneration.
• An automatic override can be programmed to regenerate the
valve after set number of days if regeneration has not been
initiated by the meter due to low usage.
• Regeneration cycles are fully adjustable.
• Electrical: 24V / 60 Hz (120V to 24V wall mount transformer

  Jacket not shown - available in several colours.



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